[Bug 5829] [FTUC] xquery full text use case document has WRONG xpath solutions


--- Comment #9 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2008-08-19 19:17:46 ---

Thanks for all the XPath Solutions.

I have one problem I can't fix on my own.

17.2.3 Q3 Query Filtering on Scores

Find all books that focus on "usability".

This query performs a word query and filters on scores.

The XQuery is:

<eg role="xquery" xml:space="preserve">for $book score $s in 
   doc(" http://bstore1.example.com/full-text.xml")
   /books/book[. ftcontains "usability"]
where $s &gt; 0.1
return $book/metadata/title</eg>

The existing XPath is:

<eg role="xpath" xml:space="preserve">doc("
/books/book[(for $i score $s in .[. ftcontains "usability"]
return $s) &gt; 0.1]/metadata/title</eg>

The revised XPath from you is:

(:: 17.2.3 ::)
doc(" http://bstore1.example.com/full-text.html")
/books/book[for $i score $s in .[. ftcontains "usability"] where $s > 0.1
return $s ]/metadata/title

--I didn't think XPath had where statements. Might it be that what is in the
Use Cases now is correct?


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