[Bug 5838] [FTUC] Possible Inconsistencies


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--- Comment #7 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2008-08-11 20:09:04 ---

New items 2 & 4 are done.

[2] In the XQFTTSCatalog.xml file, "Textsource" occurrences should be replaced
with "Testsource"

--We have made the correction to "Testsource".

[4] The files in "ExpectedTestResults/Examples" are to be expected in
"ExpectedTestResults/Examples/2.2.2" (or, alternatively, XQFTTSCatalog.xml
should be fixed the other way round)

--We have inserted a 2.2.2 sub-directory under "ExpectedTestResults/Examples"
and moved the 3 existing files into it.

count > 0
--We have decided to remove count > 0 from the vast majority of XQuery and
XPath solutions. We had added it as a filter, but it is no longer needed. 
--Please track our progress in Bug 5829.

Old item 4.2.1
--We have recorrected 4.2.1 Q1 Query on Attribute
Removing the added parentheses around
("improve" with stemming ftand "web" ftand "usability")
is now
"improve" with stemming ftand "web" ftand "usability"
--By default the distance operator is applicable to any number of FTANDs, so
the parentheses are superfluous and we try to only use parentheses in the use
cases where they are significant.

We think we have addressed all your concerns.

If and when you agree (it will take about 2 weeks to get the new solutions into
the test cases, you might want to wait to see them), please close this bug.

Pat Case, Library of Congress and Member FTTF

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