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[Bug 4975] Incorrect expected result for Constr-namespace-13

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andrew.eisenberg@us.ibm.com changed:

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------- Comment #1 from andrew.eisenberg@us.ibm.com  2007-09-11 19:56 -------
I believe that the expected result for this test case is correct.

XQuery 1.0 says, in section, Namespace Declaration Attributes, that:

"If the namespace URI is a zero-length string and the implementation supports
[XML Names 1.1], any existing namespace binding for the given prefix is
removed from the in-scope namespaces of the constructed element and from the
statically known namespaces of the constructor expression."


"A namespace declaration attribute does not cause an attribute node to be

So I believe that the "child" element does not have an in-scope namespace
binding for "foo".

Serialization, in section 5.1.7, XML Output Method: the undeclare-prefixes
Parameter, says:

"The Data Model allows an element node that binds a non-empty prefix to have
a child element node that does not bind that same prefix. In Namespaces in
XML 1.1 ([XML Names 1.1]), this can be represented accurately by undeclaring
prefixes. For the undeclaring prefix of the child element node, if the
undeclare-prefixes parameter has the value yes, the output method is XML or
XHTML, and the version parameter value is greater than 1.0, the serializer
MUST undeclare its namespace. If the undeclare-prefixes parameter has the
value no and the output method is XML or XHTML, then the undeclaration of
prefixes MUST NOT occur."

Finally, XQuery 1.0, in section C.3, Serialization Parameters, says that the
value for undeclare-prefixes is "no".

Please close this bug report if you agree with this resolution.
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