[Bug 3534] Missing schema imports in LocalNameFromQNameFuncXXX and NamespaceURIFromQNameFuncXXX


------- Comment #9 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-07-28 09:58 -------
> I am not in the XQTS team, so I don't know what you decided when you wrote
Oh sorry ,I should have said explictly, neither am I, I'm not in the working
Groups at all.

However the recent changes to these tests were at least partly triggered by
some bug reports that I sent in (asking that the schema dependence be removed
or made explict in the catalog) so I felt I could offer some background as to
how they came to be as they are.

The test should not be in minimal conformance as conforming implementations
(including my own, saxonB and several other existing ones) conform to that
level but can not input typed data so should not be made to fail the test.

I asked that they be moved to a separate area of the test suite for "PSVI
input" actually they have been mved to "schema import" which isn't so accurate
but probably workable.

Of your three solutions, I think (1) should be chosen and the xml file once
again reference the schema. I do not believe (2) is a solution at all. A query
engine that does schema import may (and probably should) still input an untyped
tree if the schema import is added to the query as the schema import statement
should have no effect on input trees. On (3) if it were to be fixed in the
catalog I think the way it should be done is for the <input-file> to have an
attribute saying to schema validate using atomic.xsd, however as I say I think
(1) is best.

Currently (in cvs) atomic.xml declares
but never uses the xsi namespace. I think that is just a bug and it should have
an xsi:schemaLocation pointing to atomic.xsd


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