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[Bug 3532] fn-collection tests

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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 11:31:44 +0000
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------- Comment #14 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-07-27 11:31 -------
On the (hopefully false) assumption that the tests will stay as they are to
XQTS 1.0, I had a look at the new documentation, below are some comments (cvs

> Setting a Specific Context Item
This section (which is misnamed) is a mixture of the old and new version of the
doc tests and is almost completely misleading. For example it says
> "implementers may bind a URI value to the external variable"
Oh it would be nice if that were still true!
Given that the mechanisms for doc and collection are the same I suggest this
section is deleted and merged with the following one.

> Customizing fn:collection() Tests
This special processing applies equally to the doc tests and so the section
title (and some of the examples) need to reflect that. I don't think any tester
would have a chance of inferring from this documentation, that as confirmed in
bug #3444 c9 that transformations are required for the doc tests, unless they
have been following the bug database.

> based on the value of the "context" attribute of the <inputFile> element. 

It's <input-file>  not <inputFile> 

>  &ltinput-document>reviews</input-document>
< not &lt;

In addition to the transformations described, you need to document that the
external variable declaration must be deleted, as otherwise you'll just get an
error that it is not set when you run the transformation.

> Then the references to external variables become fn:collection(...) and should > be customized as follows:

the actual suggested "customisation" is a syntax error

> fn:collection("bibs.xml", "reviews.xml")

collection can only take 1 argument not 2, which must be set to a
system-specific URI which denotes the collection.

> Then the references to external variables become fn:collection() and should be customized as follows:
It would be helpful to say explictly here that the default collection for the
system must be set to a URI representing the specified documents.
Incidentally a conforming XQuery application is _not_ forced to have any way of
changing the default collection from its intial value of "none".
so you may want to allow [err:FODC0002].
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