[Bug 3532] fn-collection tests


------- Comment #6 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-07-25 12:40 -------
> declare variable $input-context := collection('collection2');
That's essentially what I do.
Although actually what I do is edit the (in memory) xsl version of this so that
the external parameter has that definition.
As you observe, because I just define the variable in terms of collection,
rather than replace every occurrence of the variable by an explict call to
collation, it probably defeats the purpose of the test. (I hadn't noticed this
before now)

However I think that expecting the testers to make changes outside of the
(: insert-start :) .. (:insert-end :_ area isn't really reasonable.
Although some comments on that below.

> let $c1 := ##input-context##
eek I'd rather the xquery test file always used xquery syntax.

> let $c1 := collection('##input-context##')
That would be alright although I don't see why it couldn't be
with $collection-uri being an external string valued variable that the catalog
could specify as needing to be set to some system-specific string.

> Will the name of the variable always be "input-context"?
It's specified in the catalog(ue)
<input-file role="principal-data" variable="input-context"
means edit $input-context to refer to (or be)


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