[Bug 3532] fn-collection tests


------- Comment #4 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-07-25 11:59 -------
> Fortunately my test harness is written in XSLT 2.0 
doesn't everyone do that?:-)

> Am I allowed to cheat by calling the collection() function from my XSLT test
In my own case,
a) before running the test I make a directory for each collection specified in
the catalog, and copy in the specified files.
b) edit the "query" to give the $input-context variable a definition that is
collection(the uri to the collection directory) and then this essentially tests
your directory handling collection support from saxon. I put "query" in quotes
here as I don't (ever, for any tests) edit the query text but rather the XML
version of it which allows me to easily make transforms from within my test
harness (that's written in xslt2).

The lines between textually editing the query text, transforming some
representation of that query before executing it, and not transforming it at
all, but simply doing all the work of calling the function in the test harness
seem to be rather blurred and probably not really specifiable given there is no
defined API to the query. I still think it would be better if the doc tests
used doc($some-var) and the collection tests used collection($var) then you
wouldn't have to edit the query at all, and would just need to pass in
a (system-specific) string $var as the URI that represented the document or

I was going to look at the current guidelines in cvs but it isn't letting me
download any files

I can see

but trying to see the file (or it seems, any other file) produces
Error: Unexpected output from cvs co: cvs.bin checkout: cannot find module


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