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------- Additional Comments From jonathan.robie@datadirect.com  2006-01-31 19:49 -------
An XML processor creates either a PSVI or an Infoset, so these conformance
claims make it fairly straightforward to say that two processors create the same
Data Model instance from an XML document represented as a stream of characters.
I find this useful.

If you use an API such as JDOM, then I agree that there is wiggle room - we do
not have conformance claims for DOM, JDOM, etc. And the standard APIs are not
typed, so only the Infoset mapping would really apply. For a type-aware DOM,
such as the one in Xerces, you could define a PSVI mapping.

I believe we should retain the conformance claims for the Infoset and PSVI
mappings. The fact that there is no standard mapping from the XML APIs to an
Infoset or PSVI does not mean these are not useful. XML documents are an
important case.

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