[Bug 2710] [xqueryx and xquery] extra white space in pragma content


------- Additional Comments From jim.melton@acm.org  2006-01-25 04:41 -------
I agree that this is something that may or may not (and, IMHO, probably not)
make a difference, but there is a possibility that some implementation may
ascribe importance to a space at the end of pragmaContents.  Based on that
possibility, I have removed the space that is the first character of PRAGMA_END
as you have suggested. 

The XML Query WG will consider the second part of your suggestion -- the
modification of the EBNF for Pragma to require whitespace to precede any
PragmaContents -- at its earliest opportunity. 

Until the XML Query WG has considered that proposal, I am leaving this bug

Received on Wednesday, 25 January 2006 04:41:30 UTC