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[Bug 2262] [xqueryx] 0-ary function arguments

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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:47:40 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From davidc@nag.co.uk  2005-09-28 14:47 -------
Actually I'd fix the other examples as well. But they are not so serious.
A query has at most one prolog so having two ways there does not cause serious
exponential blow up in the number of ways an expression can be encoded.

Currently every 0-ary function has two ways of being encoded (with or without
xqx:arguments) and every 1-ary function has two ways of being encoded (with
functioncall or constructorfunction)  thus a typical query with half a dozen
such functions can be encoded in 64 ways.  One would expect that a benefit of an
xml encoding is that it is nearer to the abstract syntax tree and abstracts away
many syntactic differences that one finds in a text encoding, which should make
the xml encoded version more amenable to analysis and transformation. These
encoding variations mean that XqueryX is looking like it will have _more_
syntactic variation than the xquery form, which is somewhat strange.

I don't really accept the "no resources to make the change" argument, as the
existing draft is broken (as acknowledged) so some change has/had to be made
anyway. Changing the schema to delete the minOccurs attribute would have not
taken any more resources than the change that was made to the stylesheet.

I realise that you are having a F2F now, and so several issues are likely to
be being decided, I'll defer a decision on whether to close or re-open this
report once the proposed resolution of all the issues is more clear.

(this open/closed business makes the discussion seem rather more adversarial
than one would like, but as I'm sure you know this is intended as constructive
reviewing rather than spanners in works...)

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