[Bug 1630] Issue: booleannaming


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------- Additional Comments From pcase@crs.loc.gov  2005-09-27 11:36 -------
The Full-Text Task Force (FTTF) was advised that it could not 
change "&&", "||", "!" in XQuery and XPath Full-Text to "and", "or", "not" 
without producing conflicts with XQuery. 

At the last Face-to-Face, the FTTF decided not to change from "&&", "||", "!" 
to "ftand", "ftor", "ftnot". The majority of the FTTF prefers the symbolic 
notation. The FTTF realizes that the ampersands will need to be escaped if a 
query is placed in an URL, but considers that manageable.

This is the official FTTF response. 

Please let us know if you agree with this resolution by adding a
comment to the issue record and changing the Status of the issue to Closed. Or, 
if you do not agree with this resolution, please add a comment explaining why.

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