[Bug 2348] [xqueryx] lost parenthesis


------- Additional Comments From jim.melton@acm.org  2005-10-21 16:05 -------
Apologies for failing to provide the solution in my earlier response.  The
solution chosen was to add the parens to all instances of xqx:parenthesizedExpr.
As you observe, that will sometimes be untidy (polite word for "ugly"), but at
least it is safe and covers all possibilities.  Had it been limited to only
xqx:filterExpr/xqx:parenthesizedExpr, there would perhaps be other
xqx:???/xqx:parenthesizedExpr that should have been covered.  The broad, but
less elegant, solution seemed preferable at this stage of processing.

Received on Friday, 21 October 2005 16:05:53 UTC