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[Bug 2535] One empty sequence is deep-equal to another, but they are not =

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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 21:00:26 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From mike@saxonica.com  2005-11-18 21:00 -------
You're trying to fix one inconsistency by introducing another much bigger one.

You say that two things that are deep-equal() ought to be =, but you don't say
why. It seems to be purely an aesthetic judgement. To achieve this by changing
the semantics of "=", which would (a) be backwards incompatible, and (b) destroy
the general principle that A = B implies (some $a in A, $b in B satisifes $a eq
$b) would not be a net gain.

Note also that (() eq ()) is (), which in most contexts (e.g. EBV) is treated as

Incidentally, it's far too late to be suggesting changes based on usability or
aesthetics. We're strictly in bug-fixing mode now.

Michael Kay
personal response
Received on Friday, 18 November 2005 21:00:30 UTC

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