[Bug 1319] definition of a XSLT processor


------- Additional Comments From mukul_gandhi@yahoo.com  2005-05-14 03:10 -------
Thank you for updating about this topic. I am happy, that this is considered 
significant, and some discussion is going on.. I now feel, that the definition 
is right. For e.g., at other place, XSLT 2.0 spec says(Section 2.4) "evaluating 
the sequence constructor of the initial template as described in 5.7 Sequence 
Constructors. If the result is a non-empty sequence ...". So if there is a 
empty sequence, the definition still applies! So the present defition of XSLT 
processor is also right.. 

The reasoning I (had/am) (posted/posting), are my random thoughts..


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