[Bug 1322] Inserting spaces


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> Surely we have dealt adequately with this comment on numerous occasions? If 
> I18N WG object to the use of space as a separator between tokens in a list, 
> should complain to the Schema working group and not to us. We have to fit in
> with what Schema does, and Schema uses spaces as separators.
> Michael Kay (personal reaction - irritated)

A general word on my comments: I went through the qt-specs, Martin's reviews 
and the reaction of the xquery-wg on Martin's reviews. So these comments don't 
represent MY opinion (only), but the parts of the specs which might contain 
open issues. As for this comment, you will notice that there is a link to the 
discussion between the xquery-wg and the i18n-wg, which says that you objected 
the comment. So please don't be irritated, but go through the comments and the 
links and check whether you have additional information to add. If not, just 
tell us. 


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