Re: [Serial] serialization of xhtml + omit-xml-declaration (qt-2004Dec0001-01)

Hi Erik

In [1], you submitted a comment on the October 29 Working Draft of XSLT 
2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization.  The editors would like that point out 
that the entire XHTML section in the next public draft of the 
specification has been restructured.  The new sub-section "6.1.5 XHTML 
Output Method: the omit-xml-declaration and standalone Parameters" 
contains a reference to the XML Output Method which should clarify how 
omit-xml-declaration should be handled normatively.

I would appreciate if you could check the next public draft of the 
specification, and verify that this change resolves this issue to your 


 [On behalf of the XSL and XML Query Working Groups] 


Received on Thursday, 24 March 2005 22:51:06 UTC