Re: [Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-008 (qt-2004Feb1201-01)


     In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization.

Section 4.2 

Add some more concrete examples for last paragraph. E.g, U+0007 in XML
1.0 or U+0000 in XML 1.1.

     Thank you for your comment, which I am handling editorially.

     The section you refer to is entitled "XML Output Method: the encoding 
Parameter".  I decided instead to add an example describing the effect of 
control characters in the section on the version parameter, and I added an 
example describing the effect of using characters that cannot be 
represented in a particular encoding to this section on the encoding 

     I would appreciate if you could check the next draft of the 
specification when it becomes available, and verify that this is an 
acceptable response to your comment.


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