Re: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments [26-30,33-34] (qt-2004Feb0362-23)


     In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization on behalf of the I18N 
Working Group.

[26] Normalization: This term is used for different things:
   - Character normalization (Charmod, NFC)
   - Normalization as described in section 2 of this document.
   - Normalization as described in the formal semantics document.
   These should be very clearly distinguished and labeled.

[27] Section 3, 'media-type', says "... the charset parameter of the
   media type must not be specified explicitly". This should be
   changed to "... the charset parameter of the media type must
   not be specified explicitly here." to make clear that this
   is just a statement about this parameter, not in general.

[28] Section 3, "omit-xml-declaration specifies whether the serialization
   process is to output an XML declaration. The value must be yes or no
   If this parameter is not specified, the value is implementation 
   The wording should be improved to make clear which is yes and which
   is no. (and please add a period after 'no').

[29] Section 4: "Additional nodes may be present in the new tree, and
   the values of attribute nodes and text nodes in the new tree may be
   different from those in the original tree, due to the character
   expansion phase of serialization.": this should clearly state
   that this applies only to URI escaping and character mapping, and
   that CDATA sections and escaping of special characters cannot
   create differences.

[30] 4.8: "If the output method is xml and the value of the version
   parameter is 1.0, namespace >UN<declaration is not performed,
   and the undeclare-namespace parameter is ignored."

[Made [31] and [32] into separate, substantive issues.  HZ]

[33] Section 7, freestanding paragraph "The default encoding for the text
   output method is implementation-defined.": this is a repetition from
   the previous paragraph and should be removed.

[34] RFC 2376 is obsoleted by RFC 3023.

     Thanks to you and the I18N Working Group for these comments, which I 
am handling editorially.

     I have applied the following changes to the serialization draft in 
response to these comments:

[26] I've tried to clarify the use of the first two types of normalization 
by referring to them as sequence normalization and Unicode normalization 
throughout the document.

[27] I made the suggested correction.

[28] Most descriptions of parameters have been removed from the 
"Serialization Parameters" section, including the description of 
omit-xml-declaration.  The description of this parameter that appears in 
the section on the XML output method should be clear.

[29] I have clarified this by referring explicitly to URI escaping, 
character mapping and Unicode normalization.

[30] It is now considered to be a serialization error if 
undeclare-namespaces has the value yes and the output method is xml, so 
this sentence no longer appears in the draft.

[33] The encoding parameter is no longer optional, so the two pieces of 
redundant information have been removed.

[34] Added a new normative reference to RFC 3023.

     I would appreciate if you could check the next public draft of the 
specification when it becomes available, and verify that I've correctly 
applied all the changes, and that they resolve these issues to the 
satisfaction of the I18N Working Group.


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Received on Friday, 15 October 2004 20:09:20 UTC