Fw: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments


    In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Serialization last 
call draft.

Martin Duerst wrote on 2004-02-15 12:37:30 PM:
> [13] Section 3, 'normalize-unicode': Using Normalization Form C is
>    the right thing, but XML 1.1, in accordance with the Character
>    Model, defines some additional start conditions in some cases.
>    How are these guaranteed (e.g. by adding an initial space if
>    necessary)? If there is no such guarantee, there should at least
>    be a warning, but a guarantee is highly preferable.

     Our thanks to you and the I18N WG for submitting this comment.
     The XSL and XQuery Working Groups discussed the comment and related 
comments, and decided to make the following changes to the 
normalize-unicode parameter:

1. Rename the parameter to "normalization-form".

2. The possible values of the parameter will be "NFC", "NFD", "NFKC", 
"NFKD", "fully-normalized", "none" or an implementation-defined 
normalization form.  The default value is "none".  We will also add a note 
advising of the interoperability problems that can arise by using anything 
other than NFC.

3. All of "NFC", "NFD", "NFKC", "NFKD", "fully-normalized", "none" and any 
implementation-defined value are permitted for the xml, xhtml and text 
output methods.  The values "NFC", "fully-normalized" and "none" must be 
supported by an implementation for these output methods.

4. The normalization-form parameter is permitted to have the values "NFC", 
"NFD", "NFKC", "NFKD", "none" or an implementation-defined value if the 
output method is "html".  The values "NFC" and "none" must be supported 
for the html output method.  The value "fully-normalized" is not permitted 
if the output method is "html".

5. In the case of "fully-normalized", the normalization is the same as for 
NFC, but the processor must signal a serialization error if any of the 
"relevant constructs" of the result would begin with a combining 

     We believe that item 5 on this list addresses the particular concern 
raised in the comment, that guarantees should be provided that the start 
conditions of the Character Model are not violated.

     May I ask you to confirm that this is an acceptable response to the 
I18N WG's comment?


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