RE: ORA-XP-395-E: Use of the word "type"

> SECTION 2.4.4: SequenceType Maching
> The note statement
> "In this specification, the word "type", when used without 
> modification, represents a type that can be expressed using 
> the SequenceType production. When we refer specifically to 
> W3C XML Schema simple or complex types, appropriate modifiers 
> are used to make this clear."
> This is normative and should be moved to the beginning of the 
> document.

Even better suggestion: make the statement normative and make it true.

At the moment it's blatantly not true, for example section
starts "[Definition: An ElementTest is used to match an element node by
its name and/or type.] In fact sections and consistently
use "type" to mean "schema-defined simple or complex type".

I am generally using the phrase "schema type" to describe the set of
things that can appear as type annotations on nodes, and I commend this
usage to the editors...

Michael Kay

Received on Thursday, 19 February 2004 04:12:57 UTC