ORA-SE-296-E: Please define "serialization error"

SECTION 2: serializing arbitrary data models

The term "serialization error" is used in various places
but never formally defined and therefore it
is not clear what this term encompasses.  Step 2 says 
"It is a serialization error if the value cannot be cast to 
xs:string." and step 6 says "It is a serialization error if an 
item in the sequence is an attribute node or a namespace node."
So "serialization error" includes at least these two conditions,
but it is not clear on reading this section whether there might
be others defined later in the specification.  The paragraph
after the six steps says "If the normalization process results 
in a serialization error, the processor must signal the error."
So it must signal the two just described; are there any others?

- Steve B.

Received on Thursday, 19 February 2004 01:22:11 UTC