ORA-SE-328-E: no mention of the standalone property

SECTION 4.8:  XML output method: other parameters

There is no section for the standalone parameter, and it is not
mentioned here either.  In section 3 "Serialization parameters"
two paragraphs after the list of parameters, last sentence, it 
says "If the semantics of a parameter are not described for an 
output method, then it is not applicable to that output method."
This would seem to imply that the standalone parameter is not
applicable to the XML output method.  But that can't be; see
section 4.5 "XML output method: the omit-xml-declaration parameter,
which describes interactions between the omit-xml-declaration
parameter and the standalone parameter.  Arguably these mentions
are sufficient, but it would be better if either the standalone
property appeared in the title of some section, or was listed
in this section as one of the "other parameters".

- Steve B.

Received on Thursday, 19 February 2004 01:21:31 UTC