Re: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments

Michael Kay a écrit :
> On the second, the serializer is driven by a set of parameters. I think
> that by the time the serializer is invoked, the parameter values have
> been fully computed, regardless where they came from, so the
> serialization spec does not need to discuss different ways of supplying
> the parameters.

If the parameters are the only way to influence serialization behaviour, 
then this should be clarified.  Section 3 now starts "There are a number 
of parameters that influence...", which doesn't seem to claim to 

>>[19] 6.4 HTML Output Method: Writing Character Data: "When outputting
>>   a sequence of whitespace characters in the data model, within an
>>   element where whitespace is treated normally, (but not in elements
>>   such as pre and textarea) the html output method may represent it
>>   using any character sequence that will be treated as whitespace
>>   by an HTML user agent.": @@@ We need to check whether this (which
>>   allows replacement of whitespace including linebreaks by whitespace
>>   not including linebreaks and vice-versa) is okay for Chinese,
>>   Japanese, Thai,... (languages without spaces between words).
>>   This has to be checked extremely carefully.
> I think it's better if we don't try to define the detailed rules here,
> but just state the constraint: you can replace one whitespace sequence
> by another if user agents treat them as equivalent.

The current text does not say that, it says that one sequence of white 
can be replaced by another if HTML user agents consider the latter as 
whitespace (presumably in the XML sense).  But HTML user agents need to 
distinguish line breaks from other whitespace, for the reasons hinted to 
by Martin. See list item 9 in 
for the gory details.



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