ORA-SE-311-C: What is the "processor"?

SECTION 4: XML output method

Last sentence concludes with "...if nodes in the model contain
characters that are invalid in XML (introduced, perhaps, by
calling a user-written extension function: this is an error
but the processor is not required to signal it)." It is not
clear what is meant by "processor".  Does this refer to the 
XQuery engine that invoked the user-written extension and 
thereby obtained a corrupt value, or does it refer to the 
XML output method?  Probably the former, since there does 
not appear to be any provision for calling user-written 
functions from the output method.  This could be fixed by
changing "processor" to "XQuery processor".

- Steve B.

Received on Tuesday, 17 February 2004 14:44:32 UTC