ORA-SE-300-B: Implementation-defined output methods need not normalize

SECTION 3: Serialization parameters

It says "The method identifies the overall method...
If the QName is in a namespace, then it identifies an 
implementation-defined output method; the behavior in this case 
is not specified by this document."  However, you have specified
that normalization (section 2) occurs prior to invoking the 
method.  This implies that the implementation-defined method
has no control over the normalization.  It would be desirable to
reverse this, so that normalization occurs inside the method
rather than prior to the method.  In that case, normalization
would be part of the standard-defined methods but 
implementation-defined methods might have other algorithms
for dealing with values permitted by the data model that do
not correspond to well-formed XML.

To accomplish this, simply make the current section 2 into 
the first phase, prior to "Markup generation".

- Steve B.

Received on Tuesday, 17 February 2004 14:42:55 UTC