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ORA-DM-159-E: Multiple meanings for "data model"

From: Stephen Buxton <Stephen.Buxton@oracle.com>
Date: 17 Feb 04 10:14:07
Message-Id: <200402171814.i1HIE8b08266@rgmgw4.us.oracle.com>
To: public-qt-comments@w3.org

SECTION no specific location

This specification uses the phrase "data model" for more than one 
meaning.  The meanings are:

1. In section 1, "Introduction", second para: "The XQuery 1.0 
and XPath 2.0 Data Model (henceforth "data model") serves two 
purposes. First, it defines precisely the information contained 
in the input to an XSLT or XQuery processor. Second, it defines 
all permissible values of expressions in the XSLT, XQuery, and 
XPath languages."  Thus the data model is not a value, it is an
abstraction describing possible values.  

2. section 2.1 "Terminology", fourth para, last sentence:
"This might apply, for example, to limits on the size of data 
models that can be constructed."  What I think you mean here is the 
complete set of values found in the execution environment of some
execution of XQuery, XPath or XSLT.  Or section 2.4 "Document 
order", first para, last sentence: "document order is the order 
returned by an in-order, depth-first traversal of the data model."
In this sentence, "data model" means the complete set of trees 
in the execution environment of some particular expression

3. Section 3.1 "Direct construction", first sentence, it says "this
document describes the construction of a data model."  What you
mean by "data model" in this sentence is a single value 
(possibly a complex value, such as a tree or a sequence).

Please adopt three terms for these three notions, and 
then do a search for "data model" to insure that you are
using the appropriate term in every instance.

- Steve B.
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