RE: [Serialization] IBM-SE-004: XML Output Method

The serialization process doesn't choose between these two alternatives
(indeed, the set of well-formed XML document entities and the set of
well-formed EGPEs have a large overlap). Rather, this sentence is
stating a constraint. If the document node contains multiple elements or
text nodes among its children then the result cannot be a well-formed
document entity, therefore it must be a well-formed EGPE. If a
standalone attribute is requested in the serialization parameters, then
the result cannot be a well-formed EGPE, therefore it must be a
well-formed document entity. If both conditions are true, there is a
conflict, and I think there are rules later on about how this conflict
should be resolved.
Michael Kay
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Subject: [Serialization] IBM-SE-004: XML Output Method

Serialization Section 4, "XML Output Method": The first paragraph states
that serialization produces either an XML document entity or an external
general parsed entity. No indication is given about how the
serialization process chooses between these alternatives. The
normalization rules in Section 2 always reduce the data model instance
to exactly one document, so it is not clear how the second alternative
is ever invoked. 

Also in this section, the second paragraph adds nothing that is not
already said in the first paragraph. It should be deleted. 

--Don Chamberlin 

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