ORA-SE-302-B: Phase 1, "Markup generation", is poorly specified (qt-2004Feb0922-01)


     In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization:

     Thank you for this comment.  The XSL and XML Query Working Groups 
discussed your comment, and decided to clarify the description of the 
markup generation phase by replacing the first bullet of Section 4 of 
Serialization with the following:

1. Markup generation produces the character representation of those parts 
of the serialized result that describe the structure of the normalized 
instance of the data model.  In the cases of the xml, html and xhtml 
output methods, this phase produces the character representations of the 

 o the document type declaration;
 o start tags and end tags (except for the attribute values,
   whose representation is produced by the character expansion
 o processing instructions; and
 o comments.

In the case of the xml and xhtml output methods, this phase also produces 
the following:

 o the XML or text declaration; and
 o empty element tags (except for the attribute values);

In the case of the text output method, this phase has no effect.

     In addition, the working groups decided to add a statement to the 
effect that the phases of serialization apply to the output methods 
defined by the Serialization specification, and that it is 
implementation-defined whether any apply for an implementation-defined 
output method.

     As a representative of Oracle was present when this decision was 
made, I will assume the response is acceptable to you.


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