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MS-FO-LC1-102: NaN and distinct-values

From: Michael Rys <mrys@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 02:33:12 -0700
Message-ID: <5C39F806F9939046B4B1AFE652500A3A05C2DCBA@RED-MSG-10.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
To: <public-qt-comments@w3.org>

Class: Editorial/Technical

Section 15.1.11: The wording of this is quite contrary to IEEE 754,
which states: "Every NaN shall compare unordered with everything,
including itself."  However, based on the semantics and least-surprise
factor, returning only one NaN is probably the right thing to do.  May
want to consider rewording text though, such as "Although NaN does not
compare equal to itself, multiple NaN values are returned only once for
the purpose of this function."
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