Re: Asking for information about the Internationalization checker overhaul


you should get yourself familiar with the GSoC process [1] before
anything else.

In very simple words: you have to convince us that you're the right
person for this project. You need to give us informations about you,
pointers to your accomplishments, etc. In this particular case, we
need to know your skills in Java programming, how good you are at
reading PHP, what you know about i18n rules/checking, etc.

As we want to know how you'll take on this project, we're asking
candidates to provide a plan. We're also expecting a timeline to back
up the plan.

You can choose to exchange these informations with us in advance (just
respond to this email), so that it gives us a chance to review
them. You'll still need to submit everything on the Google
website. Notice that time is flying and the deadline is at the
beginning of May.



On 04/23/2013 02:15 PM, Di Ren wrote:
> Hello Alexandre and Thomas,
> I found this by google summer code program.
> I am an undergraduate student major in Computer Science. And I
> am interested in your project. I want to have more information about
> your project. such as how to apply? where should I work? When should I work?
> Also, I attached my resume here.
> Thanks for your time!
> Best,
> Di Ren

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