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Thanks for the quick reply. I managed to download the codebase indeed 
and look at the general structure. Unfortunately, I still have some 
problems with running it locally. :( I have a good knowledge of the HTML 
standard in general, but I am not familiar with all the details of the 
new features introduced in HTML5 (I have only a high level view). My 
initial plan is the following:

  * the testcases will be html files with additional markup containing
    further commands (e.g. assertions)
  * the framework will take the file, strip the unit test details and
    pass it to the validator
  * the framework receives the results and compare them with the ones
    from assertions
  * I also wanted to port most of the tests already available on the
    web-platform-tests <>
    project (by replacing the javascript assertions with assertions
    available the new framework)

Please have in mind that I only have a basic knowledge of the internals 
of the and that this is only an initial proposal. I will 
study more this week and come back with a final proposal at the 
beginning of the next one. Please let me know if you think this is a 
correct direction.

Best regards,
Cristian-Alexandru STAICU

On 04/21/2013 08:31 PM, Alexandre Bertails wrote:
> Hi Cristian-Alexandru,
> the goal for this project is clear, but there are so many different
> ways to get there. We would be very interested in hearing about your
> plan. We also ask candidates to provide a timeline backing up the
> plan.
> Note that a good knowledge about HTML5 will be necessary. I was also
> wondering if you had a change to look at the codebase, and even tried
> to deploy the project locally.
> Regards,
> Alexandre.
> On 04/21/2013 07:28 AM, Cristian-Alexandru STAICU wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Cristian-Alexandru STAICU I am a master student at the
>> University of Trento, Italy and I would like to work during the Google
>> Summer of Code for the project you proposed: " testing
>> framework".
>> I want to start by telling you a little about myself: I am a Romanian
>> student, I did my bachelor degree in Timisoara at UPT and my coordinator
>> for my bachelor project was Prof. Marius Minea, a former postdoc at
>> Univ. of Berkeley, that works in the field of Software Testing and
>> Software Security . My thesis was in the field of Automatic Debugging,
>> implementing some state of the art statistical debugging techniques
>> (Tarantula and Jaccard) in an eclipse plugin that used the ASM library
>> for instrumentation and JUnit + TestNG for dynamically running the test
>> suite afterwards. You can see the source code of my project here
>> <> 
>> (unfortunately all the documentation that I have is in Romanian). Since
>> last September I am a master student at the University of Trento, Italy
>> in a double degree program called EIT ICT Labs Masterschool with a major
>> in Security and Privacy. During this period, I also worked for two
>> extracurricular projects: one in the first semester with our
>> cryptography professor, prof. Maximiliano Sala: we successfully
>> implemented a security protocol prototype (I implemented the serverside
>> part using Java-WS). The second project is still running till the end of
>> June - I was accepted for an internship in the FBK research center -
>> probably the most important research center in the region. I am working
>> in the team of prof. Paolo Tonella (our security testing professor and
>> also one of the most international acclaimed researcher in this field)
>> in a small project.
>> I also worked in the industry for a few years mainly using Java
>> technologies: two internships (Continental Automotive - 3 months,
>> Alcatel Lucent - 10 months), a part time job as web programmer for a
>> small Romanian company (Dream Production <> -
>> 10 months) and a full time job at acp-IT working with java technologies
>> in developing simulation software and manufacturing execution systems
>> (almost two years). I want to highlight here the important role that I
>> had during my job at acp-IT in setting and maintaining a big test suite
>> and also a continuous integration server (Jenkins).
>> I hope that the experience I have with the Java environment and also the
>> interest that I showed during the years for the field of software
>> testing makes me a suitable candidate for this project. Please let me
>> know if I can do a small prototype, a big fix or anything else to prove
>> that I can really handle this challenging project and to increase my
>> chances of being admitted! Also I would be really happy if you can send
>> me any additional details about the project. Thank you very much!
>> Best regards,
>> Cristian-Alexandru STAICU

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