Re: " testing framework" GSOC Project

Hi Cristian-Alexandru,

the goal for this project is clear, but there are so many different
ways to get there. We would be very interested in hearing about your
plan. We also ask candidates to provide a timeline backing up the

Note that a good knowledge about HTML5 will be necessary. I was also
wondering if you had a change to look at the codebase, and even tried
to deploy the project locally.


On 04/21/2013 07:28 AM, Cristian-Alexandru STAICU wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Cristian-Alexandru STAICU I am a master student at the
> University of Trento, Italy and I would like to work during the Google
> Summer of Code for the project you proposed: " testing
> framework".
> I want to start by telling you a little about myself: I am a Romanian
> student, I did my bachelor degree in Timisoara at UPT and my coordinator
> for my bachelor project was Prof. Marius Minea, a former postdoc at
> Univ. of Berkeley, that works in the field of Software Testing and
> Software Security . My thesis was in the field of Automatic Debugging,
> implementing some state of the art statistical debugging techniques
> (Tarantula and Jaccard) in an eclipse plugin that used the ASM library
> for instrumentation and JUnit + TestNG for dynamically running the test
> suite afterwards. You can see the source code of my project here
> <>
> (unfortunately all the documentation that I have is in Romanian). Since
> last September I am a master student at the University of Trento, Italy
> in a double degree program called EIT ICT Labs Masterschool with a major
> in Security and Privacy. During this period, I also worked for two
> extracurricular projects: one in the first semester with our
> cryptography professor, prof. Maximiliano Sala: we successfully
> implemented a security protocol prototype (I implemented the serverside
> part using Java-WS). The second project is still running till the end of
> June - I was accepted for an internship in the FBK research center -
> probably the most important research center in the region. I am working
> in the team of prof. Paolo Tonella (our security testing professor and
> also one of the most international acclaimed researcher in this field)
> in a small project.
> I also worked in the industry for a few years mainly using Java
> technologies: two internships (Continental Automotive - 3 months,
> Alcatel Lucent - 10 months), a part time job as web programmer for a
> small Romanian company (Dream Production <> -
> 10 months) and a full time job at acp-IT working with java technologies
> in developing simulation software and manufacturing execution systems
> (almost two years). I want to highlight here the important role that I
> had during my job at acp-IT in setting and maintaining a big test suite
> and also a continuous integration server (Jenkins).
> I hope that the experience I have with the Java environment and also the
> interest that I showed during the years for the field of software
> testing makes me a suitable candidate for this project. Please let me
> know if I can do a small prototype, a big fix or anything else to prove
> that I can really handle this challenging project and to increase my
> chances of being admitted! Also I would be really happy if you can send
> me any additional details about the project. Thank you very much!
> Best regards,
> Cristian-Alexandru STAICU

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