Re: HTML entities and the validator...


I may not understand properly but might have something helpful.

Date:	Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:48:34 +0200
> is there, by any means, anywhere, a definition, if in 
> HTML (concrete: HTML 4.01) and/or it's parent, SGML, it's 
> allowed and valid to shorten an entity (like &) to 
> "&;" (Ampersant + Semikolon) in a given <a href="URL"> 
> with &; instead of &amp;" within an URL construct, so that 
> the W3C Markup Validator is right, in NOT labeling it as 
> an error and let passing it as valid?

According to RFCs 2396 and 3986, "&" must be % encoded when 
not serving in a reserved role in a URI.  So I wonder whether 
your error message from the validator is a consequence of the 
"&" not being % escaped.


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