Link checker 4.4 slight delay due to image URL issues


I was about to tag and upload link checker 4.4 to CPAN, but in final tests I 
found a problem with image URLs.

Some of the link checker's image URLs are relative, and set up so that they 
work as expected in's path structure.  However that doesn't 
work too well at all from a setup directly from the tarball; the relative 
URLs point to wrong places and not all images are even included in the 

I suppose there are two practical alternatives how to proceed:

1) Use absolute URLs for images, point them at or 
as appropriate, remove all images from the tarball.  The problem with this is 
that it isn't necessarily too nice for local installations, especially in 
offline mode (although that's a pretty rare use case).  And it also means 
local installations will have broken links if things move around or disappear 
on  BTW this problem (?) also exists for the donations 
program javascript (also for local validator setups).

2) Bundle all used images in the docs/ dir in tarball, and adjust relative 
URLs in link checker to point to them.  Means some things are duplicated on (unless someone customizes the version running there wrt 
these URLs), and content negotiation for image formats cannot be used because 
the links should work even when viewing say docs/checklink.html from local 


Received on Thursday, 5 February 2009 21:50:39 UTC