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On Nov 13, 2008, at 18:45, olivier Thereaux wrote:

> On 10-Nov-08, at 3:56 PM, olivier Thereaux wrote:
>>> Just a heads-up for a change that I think may affect the way the  
>>> W3C deploys as a validation back end:[...]
>> Noted, thanks for the heads up. So far I've tried to keep the  
>> instance as vanilla as possible, so hopefully that  
>> change will not bite.
> I tried installing from scratch and running it on a new  
> server today, and ran into a small issue you may want to know about  
> (stack trace copied below).

Whoa. That didn't happen in my sandbox on Mac OS X, so I thought it  
was specific to the classloader on Windows. I'll investigate.

As a quick fix, since you aren't using the the HTML 4 / XHTML 1  
functionality anyway, if you remove the lines for those schemas from  
validator/presets.txt and rerun the build/ all, the result  
should run and have HTML5 functionality.

> This made me wonder whether you had implemented any tagging system  
> to only sync the codebase to a tested, stable version.

I haven't but I should. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Henri Sivonen

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