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Hello Henri.

On 28-Jul-08, at 9:35 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> I found the class that runs the validator per se
>> (nu.validator.servlet.Main) which indeed works nicely, but it uses  
>> its
>> own standalone server (it wraps around jetty?). It would be nice to
>> have a way to run this as a servlet from an existing jetty/tomcat/
>> jigsaw (I'm particularly interested in running an instance on  
>> jigsaw).
>> Is that possible? I couldn't find any doc on this yet.
> Did this item go anywhere? Is running as a servlet under Jigsaw a  
> solved problem or should I consider it a pending enhancement request?

not solved as far as I know. Yves seems to think it's not a big  
problem - which is great -. All I can say is that I've unfortunately  
been too busy to work on it but still think this should happen. If you  
and Yves can work together on it that would be perfect.


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