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On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Henri Sivonen wrote:

>> * Running as servlet *
>> I found the class that runs the validator per se
>> (nu.validator.servlet.Main) which indeed works nicely, but it uses its
>> own standalone server (it wraps around jetty?). It would be nice to
>> have a way to run this as a servlet from an existing jetty/tomcat/
>> jigsaw (I'm particularly interested in running an instance on jigsaw).
>> Is that possible? I couldn't find any doc on this yet.
> Did this item go anywhere? Is running as a servlet under Jigsaw a solved 
> problem or should I consider it a pending enhancement request?

It depends on the servlet, the CSS Validator is a servlet and works fine 
in Jigsaw, but the servlet spec got several iterations since then, so 
until someone tries...

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