Re: fresh layer of paint for link checker


On Oct 23, 2007, at 23:57 , Ville Skyttä wrote:
> 1) After checking a document is finished, the heading still shows  
> "Status:
> Checking link ..." for the last link checked.  Should say something
> like "Status: Processed/Finished in XX.X seconds" instead.

Oops, bug indeed. fixed. Thank you :)

> 2) When there are long URLs among those checked, the heading is  
> wrapped
> after "Checking link" and the URL is displayed on the next line.   
> This causes
> jumping text effects as the heading area's height switches between  
> one and
> two line "modes".

I see three ways of doing this:
* using non-breaking spaces in that text
* forcing 1em height on the heading, which would make the second line  
* forcing 2em height on the heading, making it look less nice, but  
there would be space for a second line without the jumping effect.

I'm leaning toward the last solution, thoughts?

>> I'm also wondering, for the sake of screen real estate, if it would
>> make sense to have (on results page only) the options collapsed into
>> hidden state? That would, however, be inconsistent with the other two
>> validators, where the options are hidden in main interface and shown
>> for re-check.
> +1 for staying consistent with the other validators - no matter if  
> it means
> sticking with expanded options for the link checker or changing all
> validators to default to collapsed.

Agreed. Will see what I can do while remaining consistent across our  


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