Re: SVG validator developing activity

Ruud Steltenpool, 
<> wrote:

>A good validator helps to fix SVG content. Knowing the validity of SVG
>content helps to debug SVG tools.

BTW, putting to paper a list of the issues involved in 
validating SVG would probably be a good idea to encourage better 
tool support.

For instance, I have no idea why SVG content would have 
“'foreign' namespaces” in it, or why you need to feed the 
Validator a 'doctype=SVG+1.1' argument.

What are the special requirements of SVG vs. HTML.

What is the current state and probable future directions of 
machinecheck-able specifications for SVG.

Perhaps a WikiPage on esw?

And once there's an idea of what it takes to validate SVG, what 
materials exist that would help develop a wider Compliance 
checker and general SVG QA tools.

Note that I'm not volunteering to actually code any of this, I'm 
just saying those would be the sorts of things that would make 
the job a lot easier for anyone willing to take on the job.

Particularly for folks working on general/generic tools that 
aren't necessarily following SVG specifically.

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