[meeting] Notes and log 2005-03-29

Notes from yesterday's meeting on IRC, plus trimmed IRC log, follow...

* Access Keys 

We decided to proceed with the plan proposed in
without an access key for access keys. Olivier to implement and

* Port Restriction

Quick discussion on recent disagreements on whether we should remove
port restrictions by fear of Denial of Service attacks. All present
agreed that the risk is not tied to a specific port.

* Xhtml+MathML+SVG, and custom DTD validation

Confirming an apparent bug in the current development version of the Markup
Validator (or at least a difference with prod version) on some documents
using Custom DTDs, as well as issues with Xhtml+MathML+SVG documents.
Some hacking followed, trying to fix the latter issues, with
substantial, although not complete, success.


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