Re: Access Keys (Was: [meeting] notes and log for 2005-02-01)

On Feb 15, 2005, at 16:36, olivier Thereaux wrote:
> My temporary conclusion would be something along the lines of:
> - use mostly numbers (0-4 seems to be mostly unused)

We decided to only use 1-4, which makes sense given the usual keyboard 

> I would thus suggest to get rid of most current access keys, and 
> instead map only a few to:
> - Skip navigation
> - accesskeys
> - home
> - documentation index
> - feedback

That leaves us with 5 links for 4 keys.

Even though our sites does not have a lot of menu and navigation any 
more, I'd rather we had an access key for "Skip Navigation" than for 
"accesskeys". My logic may be wrong here, but when you are using 4 
keys, I don't see the point in using one of them to point to the 
document of the other three...

Alternatively we could use '0' for the accesskeys accesskey, since 
other sites are using that already.

My somewhat chosen, mostly random order proposal:
1- Home
2- Skip Navigation
3- Documentation
4- Feedback
(0- Accesskeys)


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