Re: OpenSP 1.5 patches

* Ville Skyttä wrote:
>Ok, I managed to build OpenSP 1.5.x from the 1_5_branch, here's a few
>patches.  As discussed on IRC, hopefully someone can apply these to
>OpenSP CVS?  (/me doesn't want to subscribe to yet another mailing list

I'll apply the patches to the documentation but not for any build or
install stuff. Could you clarify whether the issues you have found
are new in OpenSP 1.5.2-dev or did OpenSP 1.5.1 have them, too? I'd
probably vote against making changes for 1.5.2 if 1.5.1 had the same
problems as we are trying to get 1.5.2 out. It would be good if you
submit your patches to the tracker at

Received on Thursday, 21 October 2004 15:25:04 UTC