OpenSP 1.5 patches

Ok, I managed to build OpenSP 1.5.x from the 1_5_branch, here's a few
patches.  As discussed on IRC, hopefully someone can apply these to
OpenSP CVS?  (/me doesn't want to subscribe to yet another mailing list

I must say that the build system is in a somewhat scary state at the
moment wrt the docs and the po/* stuff, or at least requires oldish
versions of the auto* tools.  It also requires "manual" creation of the
man pages and releasenotes.pdf and friends and copying them over to the
toplevel dir before trying a top-level "make".  Ick.  Fortunately, I
guess building from the distribution tarballs will be quite a bit

-autoinit.patch was needed in order to bring in; without it
the build failed spectacularly.  Additionally, I had to replace aclocal
with aclocal-1.6 and automake with automake-1.6 locally (not included in
the patch), because the pretty much outdated and manually modified
po/ no longer works with automake >= 1.8 (it doesn't
install "mkinstalldirs" -> "make install" fails), and syncing it with a
version from a recent gettext seems to require pretty intimate knowledge
about those manual modifications.

-cvsignore.patch is trivial, added a few new files to ignore, and sorted
the whole shebang.

-db2manxsl.patch makes the DocBook/manpage XSL location configurable,
and adds a commented out location which I believe would be more likely
to work out of the box on recent Linux distros.

Finally, -docs.patch fixes a few spelling errors in the docs.

Received on Sunday, 17 October 2004 08:33:52 UTC