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>Le mar 06/01/2004 à 01:16, Ville Skyttä a écrit :
>>Note also that since 1.3.$something, Apache needs to be built with
>>-DSECURITY_HOLE_PASS_AUTHORIZATION or checklink will need to be running
>>under mod_perl, otherwise the basic auth forwarding trickery will not
>>work at all.  More info:
>>apidoc_SECURITY_HOLE_PASS_AUTHORIZATION.html I don't know why v.w.o
>>does not seem to be affected, in theory I believe basic auth forwarding
>>for validator and checklink should not work at all there at the moment.
>We're using a trick to work around this security setting; it's the same
>trick as the one detailed e.g. in

Which is why I'm inclined to ditch this behaviour alltogether, in favour of
requiring Apache+mod_perl for the CGI version. Then again, I don't make use of
the auth-proxy feature so I'm kinda ignoring the issue for now.

A requirement for a recompiled (with insecure settings no less) Apache is not
acceptable; except this is for an add-on feature and not basic functionality.

I know Gerald wanted it to behave this way — I asked once earlier about
ditching this — but I think the main issue is satisfying the underlying needs
(i.e. easy auth for protected pages) so an alternate approach would
probably do.

Since this is a common need for both the Validator and the Link Checker, and a
well contained piece of code, this might be a perfect opportunity to begin the
modularization and sharing code between the two. W3C::MarkUp::Util::AuthProxy?


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