Re: [CSSVal] ports not allowed

* olivier Thereaux wrote:
>I just had a discussion with Yves on the topic of bug #952
>The CSS validator currently refuses to query ports < 1024 other than 
>80, to avoid having it used for DOSes for example. This is a choice 
>that makes some sense, although arguably this is not something we are 
>doing consistently (with our other tools) and is not hugely useful.
>Anyone has an opinion on the matter (keep, loosen to allow ports 80-86 
>for instance, remove)?

I think we should have a consistent policy for preferably all only
services, I would be fine with removing the restriction or extending
it to just 80/8080/443 or whatever; I do not think we should have more
special ports (but clearly need a better error message IIRC).

>Bjoern: would it be possible to document that in your FAQ for the time 

I gave myself an AI to do that and added the topic as an agenda
suggestion for our next meeting to the Wiki.
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