Re: [WMVS] Some initial thoughts on code M12N...

* olivier Thereaux wrote:
>> Björn has been doing some hacking on this and seems to have found a
>> way to save  it.
>The result of the hacking is not saved yet, is it? I could not find it 
>in either SF's CVS or CPAN.

No. There is no real result either, I fixed SGML::Parser::OpenSP to
compile on Win32 and made some experiments in terms of code, but my
hacking happens more in terms of plans than in terms of code. Though
that currently changes.

>> First off we should work on SGML::Parser::OpenSP — or possibly whatever
>> subclass will sit in front of it (and an XML Processor) — seperately. 
>> Maybe on
>> where S::P::O lives; possibly migrated to and qa-dev.
>SF's admittedly lower entry barrier for developers did not bring in a 
>lot of developers for SPO so migrating to dev at some point could make 

I don't really see any benefit in doing that, how could that make sense?

Received on Monday, 16 August 2004 11:27:04 UTC