Re: [WMVS] Some initial thoughts on code M12N...

On Aug 10, 2004, at 2:21, Terje Bless wrote:
> We set up «W3C::Markup::Validator::*» in «$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/…» 
> and
> build a complete set of backend modules there; completely separated 
> from main
> Validator code.
> Second, we should create «$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/MVS/» and begin 
> populating
> it.

Are you suggesting to populate everything in  
«$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/MVS/», e.g 
«$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/MVS/IP::ACL» etc?

Or «$CVSROOT/perl/modules/IP/ACL», 
«$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/Markup/Validator» etc

The latter fits the use of «$CVSROOT/perl/modules/W3C/MVS/» closer, as 
we tend to match CVS path and perl module namespace. Obvious drawback 
is the lack of one cvs module to 'cvs get'.

On a side note, I think I prefer W3C::MarkupValidator to 
W3C::Markup::Validator. Any W3C::Markup::* we could think of, that 
would make the namespace necessary?

> A while back I hacked up a Perl module to interface with OpenSP using 
> C++ and
> XS calling into OpenSP's Generic API (with much help from Nick and a 
> few other
> kind folks). This is out on CPAN — «SGML::Parser::OpenSP» — and the 
> code is
> currently published on <>. The code 
> is not
> in a state where it's actually useable for anything, but recently 
> Björn has
> been doing some hacking on this and seems to have found a way to save 
> it.

The result of the hacking is not saved yet, is it? I could not find it 
in either SF's CVS or CPAN.

> First off we should work on SGML::Parser::OpenSP — or possibly whatever
> subclass will sit in front of it (and an XML Processor) — seperately. 
> Maybe on
> where S::P::O lives; possibly migrated to and qa-dev.

SF's admittedly lower entry barrier for developers did not bring in a 
lot of developers for SPO so migrating to dev at some point could make 
sense? qa-dev is not an issue, we can test there regardless of where 
the code is distributed/hosted.


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