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Terje Bless <> wrote:

>We leave 0.6.1 as the last 0.6.x release for now, and then branch off to
>validator-0_7-branch from the validator-0_6_0-branch (instead of
>branching from HEAD) and make a 0.7.0 release from there.
>validator-0_7-branch then becomes the stable/critical-bugfix-only branch

BTW, this also means I will have to renumber/retarget Bugzilla bugs currently
targetted at 0.6.2 and 0.7.0; which will generate a lot of noise to all
reporters and bug owners.

The only obvious alternative I see is to do the 0.6.2->0.6.5 bump, which will
be possible to do much more quietly but does not leave us with a clean CVS
branch structure.

While waiting for feedback from y'all on this I'll check in what I have in my
workspace on validator-0_6_0-branch (style tweaks and inline error messages).
If I haven't heard anything to the contrary by the time I need to commit the
new parse mode and WSAPI stuff I'll spam Bugzilla and do the renumbering.

IOW, I want feedback (either way) on this (and ASAP if possible)!

Oh, and BTW, pinging me on IRC (#validator on is usually the
fastest way to get my attention if I'm about to make a no-no or you have
another urgent issue. Depending on how backlogged I am, email may well sit
untouched for weeks at a time.

Also a lot of administrative/policy (-ish; very much "-ish" ;D) stuff gets
talked about on IRC (e.g. release scheduling and play-by-play on stuff like
the new stylesheet/error messages) -- simply because it has lower impedance
then email, making it easier to make the decision "does anyone really care
about this or should I not bother sending it?" -- so stopping by / hanging out
there is highly recommended even if you're not an "IRC" kind of person.

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