Re: [check] Misc. Headsup...

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 02:36, Terje Bless wrote:

> 2. I am winding up towards checking in several moderately
>    disruptive/significant changes. They are unlikely to break anything in
>    any major way, but they have plenty potential for smaller breakage. IOW,
>    if you want a stable base to work from, now is the time to get a CVS
>    snapshot (I may create a CVS tag prior to checkins to make this easier).

What branch do you plan to work in?  Methinks it's about time to get
HEAD rolling again after The Next Release is out, and use the
0_6_0-branch only for critical bugfixes...

> Especially Ville and Frederic; if you want to make sure you have something
> suitable for release coinciding with a Debian/RedHat milestone (or whatever),
> y'all need to let me know about it or I'll just keep winding my way as whim
> takes me on this front. (I bring this up since the last beta took you guys by
> surprise)

Thanks.  By the way, is Frederic subscribed to public-qa-dev?

Some status on the RPMs: I've updated the specfile in 0_6_0-branch so
that apart from the version numbers, it should be ready to roll. 

Specifically, the Version:, Release: (reset to 1w3c if the next version
is > 0.6.2), Source0: and Source1: tags should be updated to match the
version number.  And a %changelog entry would be nice :)  Feel free to
update it when you feel it's time for a new release if I'm unresponsive.

OpenSP 1.5 continues to be a slight PITA on Red Hat.  I won't go into
details; just a note that their Rawhide (WIP area) contains
openjade-1.3.2 which includes OpenSP 1.5.  OpenSP 1.5 is not available
for RH 9 (current release) and earlier versions from RH.

In general, I think that RH release dates should not affect validator's
release dates at all.

I would like to get the local/private IP "disclosure" [1] dealt with
fixed in both validator and checklink in the next release.  This will
need 1 config variable for each, and will most likely introduce a
dependency on Net::IP [2].



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