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A few misc. "headsup" warnings...

1. The current release-to-be will likely get its version number bumped.
   In addition to the stuff detailed below, the presence of the doctype
   fallbacks and the rest of those changes warrant doing a major revision
   (or, rather, are inappropriate for a minor revision). Since 0.7 is taken
   -- and I can't easily change that for various bonehead technical reasons --
   that leaves the next version as "0.6.5" (despite my hating ".5" releases
   as "sneak" major releases).

2. I am winding up towards checking in several moderately
   disruptive/significant changes. They are unlikely to break anything in
   any major way, but they have plenty potential for smaller breakage. IOW,
   if you want a stable base to work from, now is the time to get a CVS
   snapshot (I may create a CVS tag prior to checkins to make this easier).

Details on the upcoming stuff...

a. New "fussy/strict" parse mode adapted from Nick Kew's Page Valet code.
   This will require documents to be "fully-tagged" and otherwise warn about
   stuff like dubious SHORTTAGS features in HTML.
b. New error explanations code (just the code, not (necessarily) the
   explanations themselves) that should allow inline explanations and much
   more robust detection of specific error messages.
c. The base framework for a minimal WS API. This will be just the framework
   and be disabled by default. It goes in mainly to facilitate further
   experimentation (keep the diff sizes down in the branched code) and will
   eventually come with a configuration switch to toggle it on or off.
d. CSS and HTML tweaks; nothing revolutionary but it may break in some
   browsers so a headsup is warranted.

All depending on how well it appears to work (or, how badly it breaks ;D) etc.
etc. of course; and no specific time-table implied.

In particular, as regards the time-table, I'm playing this pretty loose. If I
get an attack of inspiration I may make a new beta release tomorrow or, just
as likely, get side-tracked and let it slip for a couple months more. If
anyone wants any particular timing for anything you need to let me know about

Especially Ville and Frederic; if you want to make sure you have something
suitable for release coinciding with a Debian/RedHat milestone (or whatever),
y'all need to let me know about it or I'll just keep winding my way as whim
takes me on this front. (I bring this up since the last beta took you guys by

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